Factors controlling stable isotope composition of precipitation in arid conditions: an observation network in the Tianshan Mountains, central Asia Shengjie Wang, Mingjun Zhang, Catherine E. Hughes, Xiaofan Zhu, Lei Dong, Zhengguo Ren, Fenli Chen
The radiative impact of Nordic anthropogenic black carbon Anca I. Hienola, Declan O'Donnell, Joni-Pekka Pietikäinen, Jonas Svensson, Heikki Lihavainen, Aki Virkkula, Hannele Korhonen, Ari Laaksonen
The IAGOS-CORE aerosol package: instrument design, operation and performance for continuous measurement aboard in-service aircraft Ulrich Bundke, Marcel Berg, Norbert Houben, Amir Ibrahim, Markus Fiebig, Frank Tettich, Christoph Klaus, Harald Franke, Andreas Petzold
Global simulations of carbon allocation coefficients for deciduous vegetation types Jiangzhou Xia, Yang Chen, Shunlin Liang, Dan Liu, Wenping Yuan
On the use of MOZAIC-IAGOS data to assess the ability of the MACC reanalysis to reproduce the distribution of ozone and CO in the UTLS over Europe Audrey Gaudel, Hannah Clark, Valerie Thouret, Luke Jones, Antje Inness, Johannes Flemming, Olaf Stein, Vincent Huijnen, Henk Eskes, Philippe Nédélec, Damien Boulanger
Dust plume formation in the free troposphere and aerosol size distribution during the Saharan Mineral Dust Experiment in North Africa Basit Khan, Georgiy Stenchikov, Bernadett Weinzierl, Stoitchko Kalenderski, Sergey Osipov
On the representation of IAGOS/MOZAIC vertical profiles in chemical transport models: contribution of different error sources in the example of carbon monoxide Fabio Boschetti, Huilin Chen, Valerie Thouret, Philippe Nedelec, Greet Janssens-Maenhout, Christoph Gerbig
Climatology of NOy in the troposphere and UT/LS from measurements made in MOZAIC Karin Thomas, Marcel Berg, Damien Boulanger, Norbert Houben, Alicia Gressent, Philippe Nédélec, Hans-Werner Pätz, Valerie Thouret, Andreas Volz-Thomas
Primary biological aerosol particles in the atmosphere: a review Viviane R. Després, J. Alex Huffman, Susannah M. Burrows, Corinna Hoose, Aleksandr S. Safatov, Galina Buryak, Janine Fröhlich-Nowoisky, Wolfgang Elbert, Meinrat O. Andreae, Ulrich Pöschl, Ruprecht Jaenicke
Development and evaluation of the BSC-DREAM8b dust regional model over Northern Africa, the Mediterranean and the Middle East Sara Basart, Carlos Pérez, Slodoban Nickovic, Emilio Cuevas, José María Baldasano
Fluxes of total reactive atmospheric nitrogen (ΣNr) using eddy covariance above arable land Christian Brümmer, Oliver Marx, Werner Kutsch, Christof Ammann, Veronika Wolff, Christophe R. Flechard, Annette Freibauer
Carbon monitoring system flux estimation and attribution: impact of ACOS-GOSAT XCO2 sampling on the inference of terrestrial biospheric sources and sinks Junjie Liu, Kevin W. Bowman, Meemong Lee, Daven K. Henze, Nicolas Bousserez, Holger Brix, G. James Collatz, Dimitris Menemenlis, Lesley Ott, Steven Pawson, Dylan Jones, Ray Nassar


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