Volume 64 (2012)


Original Research Articles

Future changes in the Baltic Sea acid-base (pH) and oxygen balances Anders Omstedt, Moa Edman, Björn Claremar, Peter Frodin, Erik Gustafsson, Christoph Humborg, Hanna Hägg, Magnus Mörth, Anna Rutgersson, Guy Schurgers, Benjamin Smith, Teresia Wällstedt, Alla Yurova
Relative contribution of transport/surface flux to the seasonal vertical synoptic CO2 variability in the troposphere over Narita Tomoko Shirai, Toshinobu Machida, Hidekazu Matsueda, Yousuke Sawa, Yosuke Niwa, Shamil Maksyutov, Kaz Higuchi
Variability of the ocean carbon cycle in response to the North Atlantic Oscillation Kathrin M. Keller, Fortunat Joos, Christoph C. Raible, Valentina Cocco, Thomas L. Frölicher, John P. Dunne, Marion Gehlen, Laurent Bopp, James C. Orr, Jerry Tjiputra, Christoph Heinze, Joachim Segschneider, Tilla Roy, Nicolas Metzl
Atmospheric CO2 concentrations and δ13C values between New Zealand and Antarctica, 1998 to 2010: some puzzling results Antonio Longinelli, Federico Giglio, Leonardo Langone, Lorenzo Moggio, Carlo Ori, Enricomaria Selmo, Maria Sgavetti
Implications of regional surface ozone increases on visibility degradation in southeast China Mang Lin, Iat-Neng Chan, Chuen-Yu Chan, Guenter Engling, William Bloss
North Atlantic ventilation using chlorofluorocarbons and idealised-tracer simulations Yan-Chun He, Yongqi Gao, Mats Bentsen, Benkui Tan, Ola M. Johannessen
Oceanic and terrestrial biospheric CO2 uptake estimated from atmospheric potential oxygen observed at Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard, and Syowa, Antarctica Shigeyuki Ishidoya, Shinji Morimoto, Shuji Aoki, Shoichi Taguchi, Daisuke Goto, Shohei Murayama, Takakiyo Nakazawa
Combining tree-ring metal concentrations and lead, carbon and oxygen isotopes to reconstruct peri-urban atmospheric pollution Annick Doucet, Martine M. Savard, Christian Bégin, Joëlle Marion, Anna Smirnoff, Taha B.M.J. Ouarda
Atmospheric nitrogen deposition and canopy retention influences on photosynthetic performance at two high nitrogen deposition Swiss forests E. Wortman, T. Tomaszewski, P. Waldner, P. Schleppi, A. Thimonier, W. Eugster, N. Buchmann, H. Sievering
Specific climatic signals recorded in earlywood and latewood δ18O of tree rings in southwestern China Wenling An, Xiaohong Liu, Steven W. Leavitt, Jiawen Ren, Weizhen Sun, Wenzhi Wang, Yu Wang, Guobao Xu, Tuo Chen, Dahe Qin
Influences of various calculation options on heat, water and carbon fluxes determined by open- and closed-path eddy covariance methods Masahito Ueyama, Ryuichi Hirata, Masayoshi Mano, Ken Hamotani, Yoshinobu Harazono, Takashi Hirano, Akira Miyata, Kentaro Takagi, Yoshiyuki Takahashi
A year of H2 measurements at Weybourne Atmospheric Observatory, UK Grant L. Forster, William T. Sturges, Zoe L. Fleming, Brian J. Bandy, Stefan Emeis
Towards the improvements of simulating the chemical and optical properties of Chinese aerosols using an online coupled model − CUACE/Aero Chun-Hong Zhou, Sunling Gong, Xiao-Ye Zhang, Hong-Li Liu, Min Xue, Guo-Liang Cao, Xing-Qin An, Hui-Zheng Che, Yang-Mei Zhang, Tao Niu
Time and space variations of the O2/N2 ratio in the troposphere over Japan and estimation of the global CO2 budget for the period 2000-2010 Shigeyuki Ishidoya, Shuji Aoki, Daisuke Goto, Takakiyo Nakazawa, Shoichi Taguchi, Prabir K. Patra
Stable carbon isotope signatures of methane from a Finnish subarctic wetland S. Sriskantharajah, R.E. Fisher, D. Lowry, T. Aalto, J. Hatakka, M. Aurela, T. Laurila, A. Lohila, E. Kuitunen, E.G. Nisbet
Network design for mesoscale inversions of CO2 sources and sinks Thomas Lauvaux, Andrew E. Schuh, Marc Bocquet, Lin Wu, Scott Richardson, Natasha Miles, Kenneth J. Davis
Development and evaluation of the BSC-DREAM8b dust regional model over Northern Africa, the Mediterranean and the Middle East Sara Basart, Carlos Pérez, Slodoban Nickovic, Emilio Cuevas, José María Baldasano
Surface-active substances in atmospheric aerosol: an electrochemical approach S. Frka, J. Dautović, Z. Kozarac, B. Ćosović, A. Hoffer, G. Kiss
Levoglucosan as a specific marker of fire events in Greenland snow Natalie Kehrwald, Roberta Zangrando, Paolo Gabrielli, Jean-Luc Jaffrezo, Claude Boutron, Carlo Barbante, Andrea Gambaro
Assessing the effects of ocean diffusivity and climate sensitivity on the rate of global climate change Andrew Ross, H. Damon Matthews, Andreas Schmittner, Zavareh Kothavala
Iron content and solubility in dust from high-alpine snow along a north-south transect of High Asia Guangjian Wu, Chenglong Zhang, Zhongqin Li, Xuelei Zhang, Shaopeng Gao
Sensitivity of radiative forcing to global carbonaceous emissions Hashmi Fatima, H.C. Upadhyaya, Om P. Sharma
Low concentrations of near-surface ozone in Siberia Ann-Christine Engvall Stjernberg, A. Skorokhod, J.D. Paris, N. Elansky, P. Nédélec, A. Stohl
How does the atmospheric variability drive the aerosol residence time in the Arctic region? M. Ménégoz, A. Voldoire, H. Teyssèdre, D. Salas y Mélia, V.-H. Peuch, I. Gouttevin
Effect of internal mixture on black carbon radiative forcing Chul E. Chung, Kyunghwa Lee, Detlef Müller
Sources and sinks of CO2 in the west coast of Bay of Bengal V.V.S.S. Sarma, M.S. Krishna, V.D. Rao, R. Viswanadham, N.A. Kumar, T.R. Kumari, L. Gawade, S. Ghatkar, A. Tari

Review Articles

Primary biological aerosol particles in the atmosphere: a review Viviane R. Després, J. Alex Huffman, Susannah M. Burrows, Corinna Hoose, Aleksandr S. Safatov, Galina Buryak, Janine Fröhlich-Nowoisky, Wolfgang Elbert, Meinrat O. Andreae, Ulrich Pöschl, Ruprecht Jaenicke